4/20 In Mendo

Big Al's Shadow in Mendo

“Big” Al relaxing in Mendo

Yes… another 4/20 celebration all over Mendo Village !
Many store/shops had sales, and the town was full of happy go-lucky people, celebrating this special holiday.
We have a very special community here and we want to reach out to all walks of life. Therefore, we had to cover a 4/20 day in Mendo !

Skies were gray as people mulled about joking, sharing, and living the Mendo Life. Typical Mendo weather on a kind-of typical Mendo day. Not seen were any sheriffs or rangers during the afternoon of a busy Monday.

There were events all up and down the coast and inland as well.
If you have any 4/20 Mendo stories or posts, contact us and we’ll get you subscribed as an author !

Things are moving fast here at Mendo.ninja, and we hope to officially launch the site very soon.

Hope you ALL had a great and SAFE 4/20 this year !

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