Building the site.

Well folks, the site has not yet been officially released.

It seems to you nothing is happening, however, rest assured our staff is hard at work trying to develop this into a successful e-zine for the Mendo Village.

I’m thinking of a couple of ways to go with this.

I’m thinking I might begin with local interviews with the Villagers regarding various mendo-related topics.

With your help, can grow. Consider being a contributing author, or editor. Contact us to request access.

Here’s a pic I took of a typical coastal evening:

(C)2015 DJColonelCorn.Com

(C)2015 DJColonelCorn.Com

There’s so much to love about Mendocino Village.

We’re looking forward to sharing news and views !

Stay tuned, and, coming soon………….. the Official Release….. stay tuned !



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